Mental & Physical Disabilities - The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association

<Personal Story>   Chu Wing Sum, now aged 5, was born with Down Syndrome.  Since her mother is not familiar with social services in Hong Kong, she registered pre-school service for Wing Sum only when she was 3.5 years old.  At that moment, her mother was extremely anxious and felt helpless when she knew it took around 1.5 years to wait for a pre-school placement in Hong Kong. 


The case was later identified by a hospital nurse.  She gave information to the mother and referred Wing Sum to SweetieLand Project of the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association.  Instantly, Wing Sum was arranged to receive Individual Training and Progressive Parent-child Training Group to strengthen her cognition, communication and interpersonal skills. 


“After a year of intervention, Wing Sum is now able to follow 2-step instruction. She has developed strong interest in learning. Also training sessions have been rendered to train up her mother with essential skills and knowledge of home training. This alleviates the mother’s stress as well.  Now, Wing Sum’s parents are more confident in raising a child with special need.” Says Billie M.S. Lee, Service Manager, Integrated Family Support Services of The Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association.


 “Thanks to the support from Operation Santa Claus, which provides us chances and resources to learn and get support from professionals at an affordable cost. Otherwise, Wing Sum will be idle at home and miss the golden time for early intervention”