Children And Youth - Chi Heng Foundation

 Xiaolei, 19 year old, grew up in rural Henan. Despite disabilities in his legs, he had done well in school. However he learned that he had contracted HIV when he visited a doctor four years ago. Neighbors began distancing themselves, he lost all hope and even contemplated suicide.


“The Hero Book program of Chi Heng Foundation sponsored by Operation Santa Claus, which provided financial support to Xiaolei to continue his education, and gave him a unique opportunity to rebuild his self-confidence through a Hero Book workshop.” says Mr. Leroy Lam, Operations Director of Chi Heng Foundation.


“In the beginning, he kept to himself. With encouragement from facilitators and fellow students, he turned around and became a big brother to the younger students. He was the MC at the workshop farewell celebration party.”


Xiaolei now wants to be the founder of his company, and have a family of his own. In his workshop feedback, he said “The Hero Book workshop helped us realize our inner strength, and rediscover our self-confidence. I am actually not weak at all. I feel good and I am very grateful!”