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< Personal Story>  Ka Lok, 3 years old, comes from a low income family in Sham Shui Po. He could not speak clearly and has problem in balancing which makes him fall often. He would also scream aloud and run around when he is excited.


With the sponsorship of Operation Santa Claus, Ka Lok is admitted to the sensory integration playgroup hosted by an occupational therapist, from Changing Young Lives Foundation in Shek Kip Mei.  

He was assessed with “poor coordination in gross and fine motor” and remedial training is provided. His mother attends the parenting workshop on sensory-motor development and learnt how to use simple methods to effectively enhance his son’s sensory-motor skills at home. 

“With proper and timely sensory integration training, Ka Lok has significant improvement in his body coordination and oral muscle control, and the mentioned problems are gone. The mother is grateful for the support and finds the service invaluable as it provides immediate intervention with appropriate treatment to her son and eases the family's financial burden” says Emilie Lo, Programme Manager from Changing Young Lives Foundation.