Community – RainLily - Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women

Amy has worked for a commercial firm for years. She was sexually harassed by a male colleague over a period of months. The harasser displayed unwelcome attention to her and even molested her. She was seriously disturbed, she felt isolated and distressed. She resigned from the job and sought support from a psychiatrist to manage the emotional pain.


With funds from Operation Santa Claus, RainLily empowers victims of sexual harassment to ensure legal rights and to develop resilience. RainLily collaborates with lawyers who share a belief in gender equality and human rights who help with legal consultations on a pro bono basis. 


Amy received free legal advice service from RainLily. “Now I know my rights and how to make formal complaints or to take legal action against sexual harassment ” says Amy. “I felt empowered, and I have decided to reclaim my rights and dignity”. Amy’s  journey is supported by the counselors and the survivor support network of RainLily.