Providing children with cures for Thalassaemia - Children’s Thalassaemia Foundation

Kei Kei is a four-year-old boy who has suffered from Thalassaemia Major since he was born. He had severe anemia in infancy and required monthly blood transfusion for survival and well-being. Unfortunately, repeated blood transfusion inevitably led to excessive iron deposition in his body, which could cause organ failure especially of the liver, spleen and heart. As a result, poor little Kei Kei needed to undergo monthly blood transfusion, and at the same time, iron chelation with subcutaneous injection for 8 to 10 hours every day to sustain life.


In order to become free from life-long medical treatments, and more importantly, to cure the disease, haematopoietic stem cell transplantation is the only way out for Kei Kei. To the delight of Kei Kei and his family, a suitable donor with HLA-matched unrelated haematopoietic stem cells was found. However, the family was not able to afford the enormous medical fees of the transplantation, which is not eligible for government subsidy.


Feeling helpless for not being able to seize this rare but expensive opportunity, Kei Kei’s family approached the Children's Thalassaemia Foundation for help. The Foundation, with funding from Operation Santa Claus, was able to support Kei Kei for the medical fees.


In 2016, Kei Kei underwent the stem cell transplantation successfully. “My little boy is now recovering gradually. I am so grateful for the support given to us by Operation Santa Claus, which allows Kei Kei to live a healthy and joyful life like the other kids do. Thank you so much,” said Kei Kei’s father.