Inspiring young girls to pursue STEM - The Women's Foundation

Alisa, 12, has always had a strong passion in art and design, especially in graphic design and visual arts. However, her relatively conservative mother convinced her not to pursue her interests, because her mother believes that girls are better suited for humanities subjects like languages or literature, and should choose care-taking jobs. She did not agree with her mother, though.


Recently, Alisa came across The Women’s Foundation’s Girls Go Tech programme sponsored by Operation Santa Claus at school. She was intrigued by how it encourages young girls to think independently and explore different career options. So she enrolled in the programme and was prepared to get inspired.


Alisa actively took part in various workshops, company visits and an inter-school IT Challenge. Not only did she learn basic coding skills and get updates on the latest technology trends, but she also had a chance to explore relevant career options throughout the programme.


“When an out-of-school art club I belong to needed to create a new website, I was very proud to be able to help with my newly found knowledge in coding, and share my experience with other people. This also makes me realise that coding is widely applicable in daily life. It is not something distant or abstract."


“More importantly, the programme has reinforced my belief and confidence in challenging gender stereotypes relating to career choices,” said Alisa. “I am now more prepared than ever to pursue a career that I am truly passionate about.”