Realising the fencing dreams of underprivileged students - InspiringHK Sports Foundation


Wallace is one of the students in the Tuen Mun FENCING Inspires! class organised by InspiringHK Sports Foundation. From a humble background, eight-year-old Wallace has never imagined he would have the opportunity to wear a mask, wield a sword and fence on stage.


Every applicant of the fencing class is required to go through a series of screenings, which comprises an interview, an attitude test and a financial assistance eligibility test. Wallace prepared very seriously for his interview. He did his best to prepare for any possible questions and practiced with his father many times. He was so anxious that he couldn’t sleep well the night before the interview. He has a real interest in fencing, but was held back as he couldn’t afford the expensive equipment and classes; moreover, he couldn’t join normal fencing classes due to asthma. So he wanted to seize this unique opportunity to realise his dream badly.


In the end, his hard work paid off — InspiringHK was impressed by Wallace’s determination and passion, and selected him as one of the students. Wallace promised to demonstrate perseverance and a positive attitude throughout the course.


Unfortunately, during the training period, Wallace was injured at home and suffered from hand fractures. He had to stop training for two months in order to fully recover. However, this didn’t stop Wallace from pursuing his fencing dream. He insisted on attending the fencing class as an observer, treasuring every opportunity to improve his skills and become a good fencer.


Wallace is a passionate and determined student who once lacked a chance. With the support from Operation Santa Claus and InspiringHK, his fencing dream came true.


“I am deeply thankful for this invaluable opportunity,” said Wallace. “I want to excel in fencing. I hope that one day I could make use of my skills to relieve the burden of my family.”