Helping the elderly to integrate into modern society - Chung Hok Elderly Centre


Simon, 78, is one of the first few participants of the Operation Santa Claus-sponsored i.M.Smart programme at Chung Hok Elderly Centre in 2015, and since then, he has become an active member of the elderly centre.


The i.M.Smart programme offers elderly people the opportunity to learn how to navigate smart tablets and use the tablets to take and edit photos, read news and play games. But it is not as simple as it may seem, it has a social mission to address — elderly people are faced with loneliness and low self-esteem after retirement; the programme aims to help the elderly re-integrate into the society and change people’s attitudes towards them.


“I want to learn more and catch up with today’s society,” said Simon. “I may be old in age but I am certainly not weak. I don’t want the younger generation label me as old-fashioned or useless.”


Simon took part in various smart tablet workshops. He also participated in the elderly centre’s Children Fun Day, showcasing his digital skills to and playing games with kids near his neighborhood. He had a great time enjoying himself not only because he was able to share what he has learnt, but also because he bonded very well with the kids when playing the “Fruit Ninja” game together. The kids were simply amazed by how Simon was able to master the smart tablet game so well.


Simon also volunteered as a photographer in the centre’s events, making good use of the smart tablet and his photo-taking and editing skills. “I was able to make new friends while volunteering, and my friends love the photos I take. I feel proud," said Simon.


“Thank you Operation Santa Claus for making this happen,” Simon continued. “I was able to learn, share, volunteer and make new friends. Moreover, the i.M.Smart programme encouraged me to take part in more upcoming activities at the elderly centre. I am now enjoying my retirement life."