Unlocking children's sporting potential

Shun-yin is passionate about fencing. So much so that, when he’s not training or competing with a sword, he has a clever alternative with which to practice: chopsticks.


Shun-yin’s coach Horace Ma believes that fencing has helped Shun-yin become more independent and decisive. At age 11, Shun-yin is already dreaming big. “As an athlete, I want to compete for Hong Kong and win glory for the city,” he says.


Shun-yin was able to take up the sport thanks to the InspiringHK Sports Foundation, which received an OSC grant in 2015 to provide a two-year fencing programme to underprivileged children. The scheme aims to help children engage in an activity that might be otherwise unattainable and provides support, coaching and mentorship along the way.


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