Lasting Impact Delivered by OSC - Story of RainLily

Ms X was counselled at RainLily in April 2018. During her visit, she revealed she had been indecently assaulted by her doctor. She felt very uncomfortable talking about her experience; her doctor had touched her inappropriately during a recent examination and had neglected to ask a female member of staff to accompany him during the examination. Ms X didn’t want to report her experience to the police because she was worried about testifying in court. However, she felt humiliated by what had happened and wanted to find out what legal action could be taken so that the doctor would be held responsible.

The counselor suggested that Ms X file a complaint through the Equal Opportunities Commission (E.O.C), with the help of the DLA Piper’s legal representation. Ms X was relieved to find out that she qualified for pro-bono legal service and wouldn’t have to face legal proceedings alone. The DLA Piper met with Ms X and suggested they send a letter on her behalf to the doctor, requesting for settlement in the form of an apology letter and monetary compensation. If the doctor refused, the lawyers would take the case to E.O.C.


Ms X agreed, so the lawyers wrote the letter and acted as a point of communication between the two parties throughout all of the settlement negotiations. The doctor accepted the terms of settlement and, fortunately, the case did not need to proceed to the E.O.C. Within a few months, the client received an apology letter and monetary compensation for all her previous medical appointments. DLA Piper’s professional help alleviated Ms X from having to handle any legal documents or communicate directly with the doctor. She felt the lawyer, and RainLily, helped her achieve justice and restore her dignity.