ChickenSoup Foundation

ChickenSoup Foundation serves the most vulnerable children and their families through a collaborative problem-solving approach in private-to-public partnerships. With corporate volunteers acting as family mentors, “Project Family Cupid” aims to save at-risk families from breakage and further empower them with proactive, tailored and holistic support.

No. of beneficiaries: 20 at-risk families (about 70 people)

FHL Adventure Education Centre

FHL Adventure Education Centre aims to help non-engaged youths to develop their potential other than academic performance. Their Programme – “Step Towards To Your New Life 2” would like to enhance “double - less adolescents” self-esteem and employment opportunities by providing training on various aspects. This project will focus on three major adventure coach certificate courses, career planning workshops, interview skills and internships.

No. of beneficiaries: 390 beneficiaries

KELY Support Group

KELY Support Group (KELY) is a non-government funded bilingual organisation which provides support to youth between the ages of 14 and 24 in Hong Kong from Chinese-speaking, Ethnic Minority and English-speaking backgrounds. Coolminds is a project by Mind HK and KELY Support Group, aiming to improve the mental health of youth in Hong Kong through training, online resources, destigmatisation, and support for adults around them, bringing evidence-based successful prevention models from leading worldwide mental health charities to work with us in Hong Kong.

No. of beneficiaries: 1,410 people (direct beneficiaries of 1,280, indirect beneficiaries of 130)

Po Leung Kuk - Social Services Department

Po Leung Kuk is dedicated in providing comprehensive care to children aged 0-18 who are in need of residential services owing to family problems. Care Angels Project includes “Attachment Program” and “Joy to Learn Program”. The former aims to enhance attachment relationship between children and their carers and the latter aims to nurture children’s motivation on learning.

No. of beneficiaries: 230 children

Project Space

Project Space was founded by a group of architecture professionals who dedicated efforts in voluntary services. We help underprivileged children and family to have living space and hygienic environment. 

No. of beneficiaries: 120 families

Rainbow Project

Established in 1999, the Rainbow Project aims to provide subsidized therapy treatments for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in low-income families.
Children with ASD are affected mainly in two areas; communication skills and social interaction skills. Besides having ASD, their ability to learn is also affected by conditions related to sensory issues.
Children with ASD benefit from occupational therapies (OT) and speech therapies (ST). Without access to OT/ST at an early stage children with ASD cannot attain the skills that they will need to lead a relatively independent life when they grow up. The programme will benefit 30 low-income families affected by ASD.


No. of beneficiaries: 27 families