Children's Cancer Foundation

The Children’s Cancer Foundation provides holistic psychosocial support for young cancer patients and their families. In Child Life Services project, Child Life Specialists will help young patients to overcome challenges during medical treatments, enhance their coping skills, alleviate their fears, facilitate their communication with medical professionals, and maintain their normal development and emotional well-being.

No. of beneficiaries: 200 patients and their families

Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre

Maggie’s Centre provides free practical, emotional and psychosocial support to people affected by cancer and their families. The “Eating Well” project funded by OSC will offer programmes and professional advice on nutrition tailored to different body conditions before, during, and after cancer treatments, so cancer patients will be better equipped for challenges along their cancer journey and road to recovery.

No. of beneficiaries: 4,227 cancer patients

Playright Children’s Play Association

Playright is a charity that advocates for a society that respects and fulfils a Child’s Right to Play, so children can have an enjoyable childhood. The project will provide child-centred play services for hospitalised children, such as messy play, art and crafts, and group games, to address the children’s needs and reduce their anxieties.

No. of beneficiaries: 3,000 hospitalised children