• Fun4funds Challenge- Team Alien Cause from Kowloon True Light School
    18 Dec - 21

    Mystery bags and jolly songs!

    To raise funds for Operation Santa Claus 2017, Team Alien Cause has decided on a series of activities from 6th to 20th December. They will sell mystery bags with christmas hats, home made snacks, Christmas-themed drawings and drinks. Through the mystery box sale, they wish to surprise schoolmates with the contents inside, to raise funds in a fun way. For students who enjoy handicrafts, they can stop by at the shrink plastic art charity booth to create their own key chain. They will live stream a lucky draw through social oplatform to increase students' interest to raise funds through raffle ticket sales.

  • Fun4funds Challenge- Team Successor from Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
    18 Dec - 21

    Grab a Santa’s Hat, a cup of hot chocolate, and vote for your favourite classmate

    Team Successor is selling Santa hats, hot chocolate and maltose biscuits this Christmas to feel the festivity and to raise funds for OSC 2017. The school band will join in the fun and perform at the Band Show. They are also holding a polling to ask their schoolmates to vote for their favourite classmate in different forms, all for a good cause.

    Date: 18-21 Dec 2017
    Venue: 10th Annivesrary Garden
    Activity: Santa hats sale, Christmas food sale, vote for favourite student in TKPSS, and band show


    Team Successor is confident that the events will run smooth, as they are high in team spirit, and are determined to raise funds for a good cause!

  • Fun4funds Challenge- Team 4D Style from Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
    18 Dec - 21

    Experiencing Christmas through product-selling, photo-taking and busking!

    In celebration of Christmas and to raise funds for OSC 2017, Team 4D Style is going to organize a Christmas gift selling store to tailor-made lucky bag, OSC products and raffle tickets to their schoolmates. There will also be a photo-taking service for students to keep a momentum of this joyous event. To let students feel the Christmas cheer, they will also go around the school campus and spread joy through busking.

    Date: 18-21 Dec 2017
    Activity: Christmas gift selling store, Christmas photo-taking store, lucky bag selling and Christmas busking


    Team 4D style hopes to raise funds for charity, and wishes to foster a greater bonding between themselves and their exchange student through organizing these activities. 

  • Fun4funds Challenge- Team Candle from Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School
    16 Dec - 19

    Sharing songs and snacks for funds!

    Team Candle from Madam Lau Kam Lung Secondary School is going to bring fund raising to the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui through busking on 16 Dec 2017. Drop by and join them in the spirit of singing and giving! They will also raise funds in the school through sharing food and selling raffle tickets. 

  • Fun4funds Challenge- Team Operation Unicorn from Shung Tak Catholic English College
    15 Dec

    A traditional Christmas fun fair at Shun Tak!

    Christmas is a time to give, to sing, and to have fun! Team Operation Unicorn from Shung Tak Catholic English College follows the traditions of their alumni and senior classmates, and will organize a mini fun fair on the school campus to raise funds for OSC 2017. In addition to the traditional fun fair, they will hold song dedication sessions to bring extra cheer to the school premise during this festive time.


    Date: 15 Dec 2017
    Activity: Casual wear day, Mini Fun Fair and senior singing contest (Final)


    Shung Tak Catholic English College has been raising funds for Operation Santa Claus for over 2 decades as our school donor, and they definitely have the experience and confidence to guarantee the smooth running of this event!

  • Fun4funds Challenge- Team Aquatio from St. Clare's Girls' School
    15 Dec

    Teachers, parents and students working together for a good cause

    For the Fun4funds challenge, team Aquatio from St. Clare’s Girls’ School will be holding food and product booths at school to raise funds for OSC 2017. The booths will be managed in collaboration with the six school houses, as well as the Parent-Teacher Association.

    Date: 15 Dec 2017 (Friday)
    Time:  lunch time
    Venue: Covered playground and open playground
    Activity: food booths selling pancakes, shaved ice, cookies etc.
                  product booth selling self-designed phone case stickers 


    Team Aquatio hopes to spread the message that 'It is more blessed to give than to receive' amongst their schoolmates. 

  • International College Hong Kong- Raising funds with ugly sweaters, bake sale and Operation Santa Fair
    13 Dec - 15

    The Social Career team from International College Hong Kong, an innovative volunteer management platform (funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club)  is hard at work to prepare for our festive activities for the last week of term at school. We have decided to give back to the community by raising money for Operation Santa Claus.

    On 13 Dec 2017, it will be Ugly Sweater Day, so don’t forget to wear that embarrassing sweater you hid in the back of your closet. It will also be the day of the delivery of the Candy Grams (pictured below). Over 700 have been sold.Thank you ICHK for the support. Sorry teachers but you might have some hyper children on Wednesday!

    On 14 Dec Thursday, there will be even more sugary sweets in the Christmas Bake Sale.

    Finally, on 15 Dec Friday, the SRC is delighted to present ICHK’s first ever Operation Santa Fair. This is a student run fundraising event catered to everyone. Students can purchase tokens and use them to play a variety of fun games, request their favourite song from DJ Santa or enter with a chance to win a prize.

    The festive season is one not only of celebrations, but also an occasion to show gratitude. We encourage the community to aid our efforts in providing a better holiday season for those in need. If you wish to contribute to this cause, the SRC will welcome generous donations of any sum of money!

    If interested, please do not hesitate to send us an email at src@ichk.edu.hk Your aid will be appreciated!

  • Fun4funds Challenge- Team Serenity from Pui Tak Canossian College
    13 Dec - 15

    Relax and get a pot plant for Christmas

    Students' school life can be stressful, and stress can be reduced with plants! Team Serenity is teaming up with the Horticultural Club to organize a charity bazaar at school, aiming to sell pot plants, as well as OSC products such as party glasses, Christmas carts and raffle tickets.

    Date: 13- 15 Dec 2017
    Venue: School playground


    Grab your mini christmas pot plant, relax, and enjoy yourself this Christmas!

  • Fun4funds Challenge- Team Infinity from Tsuen Wan Ho Chuen Yiu memorial College
    12 Dec - 11

    A series of fun for funds!

    Team Infinity from Tsuen Wan Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College is organizing a series of fun activities to raise funds for Operation Santa Claus 2017 this winter! They will start with a basketball shooting competition on 12 Dec, where students will compete for 3point shoots. A football game will be held on 21 Dec, and students will try to complete different tasks with a football within a given time period to win the game! On 20-21 Dec, students can stop by their photo taking corner for a nice festive instant photo, and get a student-designed Christmas card. For non-sportive students, they can go for a fun game of bingo during lunchtime. It's all for a good cause!

  • Fun4funds Challenge- Team Beauties and the beasts from STFA Tam Pak Yu College
    6 Dec - 20

    A whole lot of fun for funds!

    Team Beauties and the beasts from STFA Tam Pak Yu College is raising funds for Operation Santa Claus 2017 through organizing booths selling snacks and drinks during Sports Day on 6 and 7 December, and game stalls in school from 15 to 20 December. It would be fun to enjoy games such as rainbow throw, lucky wheel, dart throw and guess the weight  during lunch break. Students who enjoy making handicrafts can join the DIY bracelet workshop. A game of 'secret santa' would also be conducted around the school during this festive period.The most fun of all is that studens get to invite teachers for a challenge through donation! 

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