OSC Fun4Funds Challenge 2017

The Fun4Funds challenge 2017 allowed more than 70 students from 9 secondary schools to engage in fundraising activities during Christmas. A big congratulation to all winners and participants! We hope you will continue to support the Fun4Funds Challenge in coming years!
Fun4Funds Challenge 2017 awards
Top Fundraiser St. Clare's Girls' School
Best Santa in Community Contribution Champion - Shung Tak Catholic English College
1st runner up - St. Clare's Girls' School
2nd runner up - Pui Tak Canossian College
Outstanding Youth Mentors Matthew Chiu, Youth Mentor of St. Claire's Girls School
Brian Wong, Youth Mentor of Shung Tak Catholic English College
Dickson Yau, Youth Mentor of Pui Tak Cannossian College

What is it?
Organised by OSC and supported by Support! International Foundation, OSC Fun4Funds Challenge engages secondary students in charitable causes and raises their awareness in responsible fundraising. As a student-led initiative, the Challenge invites secondary students to plan their own fundraisers to raise funds and awareness for OSC in four weeks’ time prior to Christmas.

The participating students will have a chance to interact and learn from corporates, NGOs and student leaders. They will develop and utilise problem-solving skills, community skills and business acumen. More importantly, while doing good in the festive season, they will ENJOY and HAVE GREAT FUN!
The Challenge
Each team will plan and execute their fundraising activity(ies) at school, and compete to raise as much funds as possible for OSC in 4 weeks.
November 24 to December 22, 2017
All Hong Kong secondary school students are welcome

Each school can send a maximum of two teams.
Team Formation
Each team should comprise of six to eight students, with one team leader and one associate team leader.

The leaders will serve as the major contact points between the team and OSC.

Each team will need to invite a teacher-in-charge to endorse and support the team’s participation.
Youth Mentors
  • Each team will be assigned one Youth Mentor from Support! International Foundation.
  • The Youth Mentors for the participating teams will provide support and guidance in organising the fundraising activities.
  • Each Youth Mentor will have two meetings with the participating team and its teacher-in-charge during the fundraising period.
  • The Youth Mentor and the team will liaise and come up with the suitable time for meetings.
  • The Youth Mentors will comment on their teams’ ideas, effort and results, and the comments will count towards the final judging.
Introductory Workshop and RTHK Tour
  • All participating teams will be invited to tour around the RTHK Broadcasting House on 24 November, 2017 (Friday) to get a taste of the fun and vibes there!
  • After the tour, the teams will join an introductory workshop. The workshop will equip the teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to plan and execute good fundraising activities. The speakers will include representatives from SCMP, RTHK as well as OSC’s corporate and charity partners.
  • Each team will be required to submit a fundraising idea generation form prior to the introductory workshop. Details will be provided upon confirmation of enrolment.
  • Each team will be given a fundraising pack in the workshop. The pack will provide the materials (e.g. Santa hats, promotional posters etc.) and information the team will need to carry out a fundraiser.
Additional Support
OSC merchandise e.g. Santa hats and raffle tickets will be provided to each team to aid fundraising. Additional stock of merchandise can be obtained upon request and approval.

OSC donation box(es) will also be provided upon request and approval.

The teams are encouraged to mobilise their fellow schoolmates to assist their fundraising activities.
Judging Panel
The judging panel will be comprised of representatives from SCMP, RTHK and Support! International Foundation.
Awards & Prizes
Participation certificates will be given to all participants.

Outstanding teams will be featured in Young Post and RTHK Radio 3 to share their experience and fun moments of fundraising, spreading happiness and kindness to more people in the community.
Top Fundraiser Award Awarded to the team that raises the highest amount of donation
Community Contribution Award – Champion
Community Contribution Award – 1st runner-up
Community Contribution Award – 2nd runner-up
Awarded based on the total amount of donation raised, the creativeness and execution of the fundraising activity(ies), and the comments from Youth Mentors.
Outstanding Youth Mentor Award Awarded to the three Youth Mentors whose team is awarded the Community Contribution Award

Important Dates
Oct 20, 2017 Registration deadline. Please register here .
Nov 24, 2017 (16:30 – 18:15) Introductory workshop; tour at RTHK
Nov 25 – Dec 22, 2017 Preparation; fundraising; two Youth Mentor meetings
Dec 1, 2017 Submission of Event Brief
Dec 22, 2017 Submission of 4-6 Photos with Captions; last day of fundraising
Jan 3, 2018 Submission of Youth Mentors’ comments
Jan 4, 2018 Submission of donations and expense claims
Jan 8, 2018 Result Announcement by email
Mid-Jan, 2018 Award Presentation at OSC 2017 closing ceremony