OSC Fun4Funds Challenge 2017

Rules and Regulations
  1. All Hong Kong secondary school students are welcome.
  2. Each school can send a maximum of two teams.
Team Formation
  1. Each team should comprise of six to eight students, with one team leader and one associate team leader. The leaders will serve as the major contact points between the team and OSC.
Submissions to OSC
  1. Each team is required to complete an Event Brief in both English and Chinese, and a relevant photo of your choice (Width: 600 px; Height: 800 px), to introduce its finalised fundraising activity(ies), on or before 1 December 2017. The Event Brief can be downloaded here. These will be uploaded to OSC website to raise awareness.
  2. Each team will need to complete the Event Report to OSC to report on the fundraising activities and results. In addition, each team is required to submit four to six photos on or before 22 December, 2017 to showcase their preparation and fundraising work. Each photo should be less than 2MB, with photo caption in both English and Chinese of no more than 75 characters respectively. These will be uploaded to OSC website to raise awareness.
  3. The Team leader and Associate team leader are responsible for ensuring all the required materials are submitted to OSC on time.
Activities Expenses
  1. Each team can be reimbursed HK$500 for the costs of preparing and operating their fundraising activities (i.e. travel expenses, printing costs, etc.).
  2. Each team will be provided with a reimbursement form. The completed form should be submitted together with the true copy of the expense receipts to OSC by 4 January, 2018. Reimbursement will be made within four weeks.
  1. The judging panel will be comprised of representatives from SCMP, RTHK and Support! International Foundation.
  2. The Event Brief, Event Report, and photos submitted will be reviewed by the judging panel.
  3. Each Youth Mentor will submit comments on the team of no more than 200 words to OSC by 3 January, 2018. This will also be reviewed by the judging panel.
  4. The judging panel will decide the winners based on the following criteria: the total amount of donation raised (45%), the creativeness and execution of fundraising activity(ies) (45%), and the comments from Youth mentors (10%).
  5. The decision of the judging panel is final and there will be no right of appeal.
Awards & Prizes
Participation certificates will be given to all participants.
Outstanding teams will be featured in Young Post and RTHK Radio 3 to share their experience and fun moments of fundraising, spreading happiness and kindness to more people in the community.
Top Fundraiser Award Awarded to the team that raises the highest amount of donation
Community Contribution Award – Champion
Community Contribution Award – 1st runner-up
Community Contribution Award – 2nd runner-up
Awarded based on the total amount of donation raised, the creativeness and execution of the fundraising activity(ies), and the comments from Youth Mentors.
Outstanding Youth Mentor Award Awarded to the three Youth Mentors whose team is awarded the Community Contribution Award

Prizes will be announced shortly.
Important Dates
Oct 20, 2017 Registration deadline. Please register here .
Nov 24, 2017 (16:30 – 18:15) Introductory workshop; tour at RTHK
Nov 25 – Dec 22, 2017 Preparation; fundraising; two Youth Mentor meetings
Dec 1, 2017 Submission of Event Brief
Dec 22, 2017 Submission of 4-6 Photos with Captions; last day of fundraising
Jan 3, 2018 Submission of Youth Mentors’ comments
Jan 4, 2018 Submission of donations and expense claims
Jan 8, 2018 Result Announcement by email
Mid-Jan, 2018 Award Presentation at OSC 2017 closing ceremony
Handling donations
  1. Each team must bank-in all cash donation raised into OSC’s bank account, and return the bank-in slips to us, on or before 4 January, 2018. Cheques, if any, must also be delivered to OSC on or before 4 January, 2018. The total amount collected will be regarded as the total funds raised by the team.
  2. Please make the cheques, if any, payable to “SCMP Charities Limited – Operation Santa Claus”.
  3. Bank account: HSBC 502-676299-001 (a/c name: SCMP Charities Limited – Operation Santa Claus)
Donation receipt
  1. Tax deductible receipts will be issued for donation of HK$100 or above. You will be provided with a donor list to record donors’ details (name, address, contact number) and their donation amount. Please complete and return it to us for receipt issuance.
For enquiries, please call 2680 8159 or email osc@scmp.com