Create a greener Operation Santa Claus

Sustainable events checklist
When you plan for an event for Operation Santa Claus, think to run it in a sustainable way. Always ask where does the item come from, and where will it go after I have used it. This checklist serves as a guide to provide simple steps to support event planning and help to minimise resource usage. You may choose an initiative below and start working from there:
  • Communicate electronically where possible
  • Print green (double sided, recycled paper)
  • If giveaways are needed, choose sustainable options
  • Reduce the use of bottled water where possible
  • Provide reusable cutlery and crockery and glassware or, if unavailable, paper-based items
  • Plan ahead and arrange with local community groups for picking up of surplus food
  • Food Donation Alliance:
  • Contact relevant recyclers for waste management and recycling arrangement
  • Minimise waste by using reusable décor