OSC MBA Challenge 2017

Rules and Regulations
Submission of business plan
  1. Each team is required to submit a 60-second video as part of the business plan to pitch fundraising ideas; and also (b) a Written Business Plan (maximum 3 pages of text or 10 PowerPoint slides).
  2. The following items are expected in the business plan:
    • Brief introduction of the team
    • Objectives
    • Key fundraising strategies
      • Where will funds come from?
      • What activities need to happen to raise funds?
      • Who will do the activities?
    • Timeline
    • Budget
Fundraising at public places
  1. For any fundraising events that to be held in public places (e.g. public streets, MTR stations, stadia, civic centres, public housing estates etc.), permits are required by the Social Welfare Department / Home Affairs Department. Such application has to be made through OSC. Please allow at least 4 weeks for OSC and the relevant Department to process the application.
  2. To avoid delay, teams are advised to select venues where a public subscription permit is not required, e.g. shops, clubs, schools, restaurants, private properties etc.
Seed money
  1. Each team will be awarded HK$ 3,000 – HK$ 10,000 in seed money to execute their fundraising plan. Teams with better business plans will receive larger amount of seed money to start their fundraising activities. Judges will decide on the winners.
    The allocation of the seed money is as follows: 1st – HK$10,000; 2nd – HK$ 8,000; 3rd – HK$5,000; 4th and thereafter – HK$3,000).
Administrative cost
  1. Administrative cost shall not exceed 5% of the overall donation. Income and Expenditures should be reported in the final presentation, including all administration expenses. Outstanding costs involved should be borne by the teams themselves.
Presentation Meeting
  1. Teams are expected to do a presentation of their fundraising activities before the judging panel.
  2. Photos and videos of fundraising activities are recommended to show to the judges at the presentation.
  3. Teams should also report the income and expenditures of the fundraising activities.
  4. The panel of judges will announce the winners at the presentation meeting and present awards to the teams.
  1. The OSC secretariat and the judging panel reserve the right to amend the procedures of the Challenge without giving prior notice to participants.
  2. The decision of the judging panel is final and there will be no right of appeal.
  3. The panel of judges will decide the winners based on criteria including innovativeness, creativity, how well it is implemented, the sales results, team work, collaboration with OSC beneficiaries, and the team’s presentation skills.
Handling donations
  1. Teams MUST commit to pay donations on or before 3rd Jan 2018. The amount collected will be regarded as the total money raised by the team. Please bank-in all cash donations (except those in donation boxes) into OSC’s account and return the bank in slips to us. Please also collect all cheques, if any, and send them to us.
    • Please made cheque payable to “SCMP Charities Limited – Operation Santa Claus”
    • Bank account: HSBC 502-676299-001 (a/c name: SCMP Charities Limited – Operation Santa Claus)
Donation receipt
  1. Tax deductible receipts will be issued for donation over HK$100. Please provide donors’ details (names, addresses, contact numbers) and their donation amount to OSC for issuing receipts.
For enquiries, please call 2680 8159 or email osc@scmp.com