31st Operation Santa Claus – Closing Ceremony
(15 Jan)

SCMP CEO Gary Liu’s Closing Remarks

Good evening, Mr Chan, Mr Leung, our generous donors, and friends of Operation Santa Claus.


A warm welcome to the closing ceremony of the 31st annual OSC - it is a privilege to celebrate with you this evening.


I’m proud to announce that together with our long-time partner RTHK, we have notched another remarkable year for OSC 2018! Of course, this was made possible by the generosity of our corporate donors, schools, clubs, sports groups and associations, as well as the many individuals who gave from their hearts - each of you have lifted the spirits and impacted the lives of the less fortunate in our community.


OSC’s success over the last three decades comes down to important values that we, as a news organization, hold dear - authenticity, transparency and the importance of collaboration. Giving back is an integral part of SCMP’s DNA, and we will continue to invest in the community and be focused on those we serve. 


This year, Operation Santa Claus had a particular focus on supporting underprivileged families and children with special or medical needs. We were proud to support such worthy causes as the Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge, the Hong Kong Children’s Skin Foundation, the Hong Kong Federation of the Blind, and many others. In all, 13 organizations serving over 14,000 people!


None of that impact would have been possible without the support of our generous donors. Morgan Stanley has been right there with OSC for the past 22 years and when we say that they are a major voice in corporate citizenry, we mean that quite literally. The annual Morgan Stanley Directors’ Choir was assembled for the 16th consecutive year and ushered in the festive season with plenty of cheer at the ICC! And in addition to raising their voices, once again they are crowned the highest yielding donor exceeding their previous record from last year to the tune of HK$3.55 million. That certainly deserves a chorus of applause.


Now, people may unfairly think that bankers only excel when it comes to numbers, but there was no shortage of creativity at the UBS annual charity bazaar, where donors celebrated in spectacular outfits. This created a festive and generous mood for Christmas shopping, and I understand the biggest hit at the bazaar were the specially designed seasonal ties. Thank you, UBS, for your continuing efforts and contributions.


In addition to generous financial contributions, the donation of  time and effort goes a long way towards making a difference. Proving that cheer and laughter is still the best medicine, more than 2,000 doctors, nurses and medical staff from the Hong Kong Sanatorium took part in a month-long campaign that included game booths, a charity sale and a tortilla cooking competition called “Super Chef with Love”, where contestants were sponsored by colleagues to show off their flair for cooking. A big thanks for the Sanatorium for your generosity!


I’d also like to thank two of our newest donors, The Hong Kong Golf Club, who supported OSC with their annual charity initiative - the Cup of Kindness event. We are also delighted to have the Italian Women’s Association join our family of supporters this year… Grazie Millie (Graz-ee mee-lay)!


I know there are so many of you here today who have committed your careers and time - often beyond the call of duty -  to improve the lives of others. Our community is better because of your investment.


To everyone who participated in OSC 2018, we say a wholehearted thank you.


  • Thank you for continuing to put your trust in the RTHK and the SCMP - we are humbled and honored to contribute to these key causes in our own small way.


  • Thank you for your time, effort, and generous donations.


  • And most of all, we thank you for believing in Operation Santa Claus and our mission to share the gift of hope across Hong Kong.


I look forward to celebrating more of these cherished moments with you in the years ahead.