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Gingerbread Man Foosball Challenge


32隊親子隊伍 (每隊最多3人)將齊集太古坊糖廠街,挑戰由薑餅人兵團組成的巨型足球機大賽,爭奪冠軍,為慈善出力!
Hong Kong’s first-ever life-size gingerbread man foosball challenge rolled out

At this year’s White Christmas Street Fair on Tong Chong Street, Taikoo Place, 32 teams each comprising 2 to 3 adults and kids will command a squad of life-size gingerbread men on a one-of-a-kind giant foosball machine. Join us to compete for the chance to win prizes and support a good cause!
比賽日期: 2017年12月2日(六)
比賽時間: 早上9時30至下午1時
集合時間: 早上9時15分
集合地點: 太古坊糖廠街
對象: 兩至三人親子隊伍。兒童須年滿6歲或以上。
報名捐款: 每隊港幣380元正(所有報名費將撥捐慈善籌款活動「愛心聖誕大行動」)
截止報名日期: 2017年11月25日(六)
Event Details:
Competition Date: 2 Dec 2017 (Sat)
Competition Time: 9:30 am – 1 pm
Assembly Time: 9:15 am
Venue: Tong Chong Street, Taikoo Place
Eligibility: Two to three adults and kids. Kids must be 6-year-old or above.
Application Fee: HK$380per team (All application fees will be donated to Operation Santa Claus)
Application Deadline: 25 Nov 2017 (Sat)
遊戲玩法 Game Rules :
  • 每場比賽限時5分鐘
  • 參賽隊伍由2 至3人親子隊伍組成
  • 裁判會擲硬幣去決定那一方開始進攻
  • 如有死球或出界等均由裁判決定那一方重新開始
  • 參賽隊伍需轉動薑餅人來進行傳球及射球等動作
  • 把球射進對方龍門方成功得分
  • 在限時內取得最高分者為之勝出隊伍
  • 如在限時內雙方隊伍仍未能取分或打成平手, 將會進行互射12碼作賽決勝負
  • 若其中一方把球射進對方龍門而另一方射失,射進的一方將為之勝方
  • The time limit for each match is five minutes
  • Each family team will consist of two to three members
  • The referee will toss a coin to decide which team will serve the foosball
  • In case of dead balls or out-of-play balls, the referee will decide which team will serve
  • Teams will have to turn the Gingerbread Men to pass or shoot the ball
  • Shooting the ball into the opponent's goal will score
  • The team that gets the highest score within the time limit will be the winner
  • If the two teams in a match come to a barren draw or score an equal number of goals within the time limit, a "12-yard" shoot-out will be used as a tiebreaker.
  • If one team scores a goal but the other team fails to do so, the scoring team will be the winner of the match

獎項 Prizes:
  1. 冠軍隊伍: 香港東隅酒店送出週末海景房住宿一晚連Feast餐廳早餐兩位
  2. 亞軍隊伍: Mr & Mrs Fox餐飲禮券 (價值港幣1,400元正)
  3. 季軍隊伍: 香港東隅 Feast餐飲禮券 (價值港幣1,000元正)
  4. 參賽隊伍完成挑戰,即可獲取薑餅人禮物袋

  1. Champion: 1 night weekend stay in Harbour View room at EAST, Hong Kong with breakfast for 2 persons
  2. Second Place: $1,500 dining voucher at Mr & Mrs Fox
  3. Third Place: $1,000 dining voucher at Feast, EAST, Hong Kong)
  4. Each participant will receive a Gingerbread Man Tote bag
Souvenir 紀念品 :
  1. 薑餅人曲奇餅三份
  2. ABC Cooking Studio 薑餅人曲奇餅DIY工作坊名額一名(於12月2日比賽日後下午一時至六時期間參加)
  3. 白色聖誕市集美食及餐飲禮券2張(價值港幣80元正)

Each participant will receive a gingerbread man tote bag with souvenirs as followed:
  1. 3 Sets of Gingerbread Man Cookies
  2. ABC Cooking Studio Gingerbread Man Cookies DIY Workshop(Participate at competition day on 2 Dec between 1:00-6:00 pm)
  3. 2 White Christmas Street Fair Food & Drinks Coupon (valued at HK$80)
*The organizer reserves the right to change the above prizes without prior notice and no dissent.

如有查詢,請致電2844 3921或電郵 xmasstreetfair@swireproperties.com
For enquiries, please call 2844 3921 or email xmasstreetfair@swireproperties.com